Students' allowances

At the beginning of each academic year and after the end of the renewals of the winter semester, all the students have to apply for a new student pass (paso). For this purpose, they have to provide the Secretariat of Department with a passport-size photograph of themselves. The students are eligible for student pass until the twelfth formal semester.

Students can also apply for a card for free meals.


Documents for free meals and accommodation

  • Application

  • Certified Tax declaration of parents or tutor for the fiscal year 2005 ratified or 2004 in case of not receiving the 2005 taxation notice of assessment

  • Written Statement of L.1599/86 for the place of permanent residence or recent bill from the Public Company of Electricity (D.E.I.) or the Organization of Telecommunications of Greece (O.T.E.)

  • Family Status Certificate

  • Certificate of study for brother or sister that studies in a Higher Education Institution

  • Certification of being a child of a many-children family or being a child of an amputee with percentage of disability over  67% or in case of his/her disability


The students are eligible for medico-pharmaceutical care, in case they do not have the relative benefits from their family. In order to make use of that benefit they will have to apply for health insurance, with a Written Statement of L.1599/86 - declaring that they have no other insurance and a passport-size photograph of themselves.

Free books and notes are provided to the students at the beginning of each semester.


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