The duration of studies at the Department is four years, which are divided into eight semesters. During the first seven semesters, students attend lectures, workshops and seminars. They are assessed on the basis of an optional mid-term exam and a compulsory examination at the end of the semester. In the 8th semester the students are placed with a company or a public service for their practical, on-the-job training, while they also work on their graduate project.


The language on the basis of which a student has been admitted to the T.E.I. is designated as Language A' on the course curriculum (English, French, German or Italian). It is assumed that the admitted student has a linguistic competence equivalent to the level B2 of the Common European Framework for Languages set out by the Council of Europe. Language B’ is one of the aforementioned – different, of course, from Language A’.

Language B’ is offered both for beginners and for the students joining the T.E.I. with a competence responding to level B2. In the second semester, students can choose one or more Language C' courses as electives. They can choose from English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian. These are beginner’s courses. The introduction of courses in other languages is under consideration.


In the first two semesters the courses are common for all students. In the third semester, students choose to specialize either in the domain of management or in translation. It is pointed out that all students, regardless of which specialization they choose, are also trained in foreign language teaching.



Students attend all the courses of their programme of study, according to their statement and the Regulations of Studies.


The hours of teaching for each course are determined by the Course Sector and are announced at the beginning of each semester with the Timetable of the Department. There are no classes on the days officially recognized as holidays, according to the provisions of article 3, paragraphs 2 and 3 of the Regulation of Studies.


In every case, if the number of weekly classes that were realized in a course is for any reason smaller than the 2/3 of the weeks that it is possible to offer classes during the semester, it is considered that this course has not been taught. The ascertainment of completion or not of the course becomes at the end of the semester, with a written statement of the instructor and a decision of the Course Sector. In case of disagreement, the decision is taken by the Council of the Department. The minimum number of students that should be present in a class in order for it to take place is the 30% of the students that have declared that they will take this course.


Attendance in the practicum and laboratory exercises is obligatory and is checked by the instructor. Student are obliged to attend 80% of realized exercises in order to take part in the final examinations of the course (Theory/Lab) at the end of the semester.


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